Winterdale proud to be suppliers to Fortnum & Mason

Winterdale proud to be suppliers
to Fortnum & Mason

Winterdale - Award winning cheese

Robin Betts
Winterdale Cheese Barn
Platt House Lane
TN15 7LX

01732 820021

Betts Farming History

The Betts family have been farming since 1495!

Our dairy farm was set up back in 1950 by my Grandfather. In those days we were milking Aryshire cows a wonderfully hardy cow and very much suited to the inclement weather we often experience high up here on top of the North Downs of Kent overlooking the historic village of Wrotham.

Cheese making was an idea we had back in 2000 and it has been a long hard struggle to save up enough funds and then proceed with all hands on deck in constructing the creamery. This all happened when my wife was bearing our first child!

Friends and family were an immense help and there are so many to thank, so a big THANK YOU to every one.

The Betts family outside the cheese barn

The Betts family outside the Cheese Barn

The creamery was just finished in time to start cheese making on 3rd January 2006, this was when our cheese consultant Val Bines (lovely lady) was booked in to mentor me on my first production.

Cheese making begun in earnest and our first "Trial Batch" was produced. Thank you Val!