Winterdale - Award winning cheese

Robin Betts
Winterdale Cheese Barn
Platt House Lane
TN15 7LX

01732 820021

The Wonderful Cheese!

We concentrate our efforts on making our unpasteurised 'Winterdale Shaw' and 'Winterdale Oak Smoked'.

Winterdale traditional cheese vat

A Traditional Cheese Vat

We start with the freshest milk from our family farm. After finishing morning milking by about 9am we aim to get the milk into our Traditional Cheese Vat in about 20mins. We do not tamper with the milk what-so-ever, it is taken straight from the cow remaining at body temperature. In this way the original characteristics of our milk are fully retained.

By about 4pm we have made the cheese and the curd is filled into the cheese moulds and then into our traditional wood cheese presses and then pressed for 3 days.

Winterdale cave for maturing cheese Winterdale traditional chedar wooden cheese presses and moulds Winterdale traditional chedar wooden cheese presses

Winterdale Chedar is pressed, wrapped in muslin and stored in our cave

We then remove and carefully wrap every cheese in cotton muslin, this will allow the cheese to breathe whilst maturing for some 10 months.

Our most unique part now comes with the truckles being lowered into our cave dug deep into the chalky North Downs of Kent where they will further develop even more interesting characteristics in flavour.