Winterdale proud to be suppliers to Fortnum & Mason

Winterdale proud to be suppliers
to Fortnum & Mason

Winterdale - Award winning cheese

Robin Betts
Winterdale Cheese Barn
Platt House Lane
TN15 7LX

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The First Carbon Neutral Cheese?

We only use morning milk there by retaining freshness but also heat. By the time the milk is transferred into the traditional cheese vat the temperature will have fallen from 36C to 32C (approx). We need milk at 32C to start cheese making! Thereby no energy required.

In fact the only energy required for cheese making is the scalding process of raising temperature from 32C to 40C which is only a mere 8C and we will soon be utilising a gound source heat pump for this stage and then we really will be completely energy free!

The cheese is then matured for 10 months at 10-12 C. For most cheese makers this is the most energy hungry part, for us we use NO energy as our caves remain at 10 -12 C approx all year round!

We market our cheese within a range of only 30miles surrounding our cheese dairy which just so happens to include London! Our cheese food miles are minimal.

If you love the environment then you will love our cheese!