The 1st Carbon Neutral Cheese?

Robin and Carla Betts loading the cheeses for the first carbon neutral delivery into London.

We only use morning milk, retaining the freshness but importantly the heat. By the time the milk is transferred into the traditional cheese vat the temperature will have fallen from 36°C to 32°C. We need milk at 32°C to start cheese making! So, all in all perfect and zero energy required to start the cheese making process.

In fact, the only energy required for cheese making is the scalding process of raising the temperature from 32°C to 40°C which is a mere 8°C. In 2011, we installed our ground source heat pump, this utilises natural heat from the ground to provide hot water for dairy and a 10kw solar array to provide all our electricity requirements Carbon Neutrally.

The cheese is then matured for 10 months at 10-12°C in our wonderful cave. For cheese makers, this is the most energy hungry part, but not for us, we use NO energy to mature as our cave under the dairy remains at 10 -12°C all year round. Our cheese making process is now Carbon Neutral due to using solar panels, ground source heat pump and the cave to mature the cheese and of course the naturally retained heat in the milk from our wonderful cows.

Carbon Neutral Cheese?

1st Carbon Neutral delivery to “The Goring Hotel” London

Carbon Neutral Cheese?

Mayor Dave Davis officially “starting delivery”

UK’s 1st Carbon Neutral Delivery to London?

April 19th 2013 was the day when history was changed.

Our first official batch of Carbon Neutrally produced cheese was loaded into our newly purchased electric vehicle, Nissan Leaf, which Nissan kindly wrapped in a vibrant design as pictured. The TV presenter Robert Llewellyn attended, to record the days history breaking event for his TV show “Fully Charged” (click here to view) and we, also filmed the day’s events (click here to view).

We were also pleased to be joined by many dignitaries including the High Sherriff of Kent and the Mayor of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council to cut the ribbon. Such a momentous day. Our cheese was produced and matured for 10 months without any carbon footprint and the massive leap was to fully charge our electric vehicle using our own solar power, again completely carbon neutrally. We then had all the ingredients for the UK’s first carbon neutral delivery of carbon neutrally produced cheese into London.

We were warmly welcomed by Fortnum & Mason and The Goring Hotel where the first batches of cheese were delivered.

Thank you to them both for their huge support and encouragement.

We now market our cheese within a range of only 30 miles to limit our carbon footprint and use our electric vehicle to transport our cheese. Our food miles are food metres!

If you love the environment as we do, then you will love our Carbon Neutral cheese too!

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