At present we are milking 100+ Friesian Holstein cows. The cows enjoy a relaxed farming method when during the winter they are housed in large open straw bedded cow sheds giving them the opportunity to behave naturally as a group, mind you some of them are rather mischievous and sometimes have the dexterity to manage to open gates!

Come spring time the cows are let free to the wonderful lush meadows of the North Downs, they tend to act like spring lambs when let out for the first time!

We calve all year round and maintain a closed herd so we breed all our own replacements.

Meet the Cows
Robin Betts
Winterdale Cheese Barn
Platt House Lane
TN15 7LX
01732 820021

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09.30-12.30 and Saturday 10.00-14.00

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Winterdale proud to be suppliers
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